TXH2O Racing

2019 TX H20 Schedule


Rumble on the River

August 17-18th, 2019


*Memorial Race for Shaun Compton*

The TX H2O Racing promoter Shaun Compton,  passed  away suddenly on March 1st, 2019, which has left a huge void in the racing community. The Compton and jet ski  family has planned to honor Shaun at the Orange, TX race.

The other previously scheduled races have been cancelled except the Orange, TX

Please stand by for the updated schedule

TX H2O Racing will be taking new ownership and the new owner wants to continue the racing circuit, but on a smaller scale for 2019.  The new owner is excited about the prospect of taking on the the TX H2O racing series and carrying on Shaun's dream for  grassroots racing. We will be announcing the new ownership as soon as all the details are completed.

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